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How does Valkion/Airnergy (Singlet Oxygen Therapy) work? 

Singlet State Oxygen

Both the Valkion & Airnergy devices use oxygen in its reactive form as ‘singlet state oxygen’. Whereas ‘triplet state oxygen’ describes the molecular oxygen in its ground state.

Within the Airnergy device for example, catalysts turn respiratory oxygen from its non-reactive ground state (triplet) to the reactive singlet state. This active form of oxygen is just stable for a fraction of a second and falls back to the triplet state immediately.

In this process energy is released which then is absorbed by water molecules in respiratory air (law of conservation of energy).

The Airnergy Spirovitalisation aims at increasing the supply of oxygen in the cells and therefore makes use of the process described before which is well known from photosynthesis.

TFT enhances the power of this process by identifying then neutralizing energetic blocks, that can stop you otherwise benefitting from the Airnergy on its own. For an explanation of how TFT works go here: What is TFT?

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