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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

COPD is a particularly distressing disease, (as is any breathing issue such as Asthma for example). Gasping for breath can be a very frightening experience and the fear attached to this condition almost always makes the symptoms even worse.

I have had some great successes with clients using TFT in combination with the Airnergy Device in relation with COPD.

Take a look at a few Testimonials bellow. Terry is particularly interesting because he had a problem with food intolerance's and using Voice Technology over Skype I found out that he also had a problem with his carpet, which was really exacerbating his COPD symptoms. Luckily I had an easy solution to the problem, so that he didn't have to get rid of his expensive fairly new carpet.

Testimonial 1: Terry

Problem: COPD

There is a Video of Terry's Testimonial that I put on You Tube. It is really worth taking a look at.

Go here to watch Terry's video Testimonial:

Hi Justin,

Sorry for the delay in replying, but we had friends staying until yesterday.

I have suffered with Asthma and related chest problems for many years, but some time ago was diagnosed with  COPD. and was struggling to walk any distance without becoming extremely  breathless , and climbing stairs was getting increasingly difficult. I was repeatedly prescribed courses of steroids and antibiotics, which relieved the symptoms but as soon as the courses were finished the symptoms returned.  Then I was rushed into hospital with extreme breathing difficulties.

On returning home I spent some time researching the symptoms and effects of COPD , hoping to find some way of preventing another flare-up, and came across information on the Airnegy machine, together with TFT Therapy, and decided to give it a try.

After using the Airnegy machine for 20 minutes twice a day for just two months I am happy to say that my breathing is very much improved and I am able to walk further distances without becoming breathless and have been able to stop taking the steroids and antibiotics.  The TFT Therapy sessions have been extremely helpful and have taught me how to take control when I feel the symptoms developing, and I therefore feel much more relaxed about the condition.  I am sure that as I continue with the therapies my condition will go on improving.

I feel more confident about the future now, and am looking forward to being able to travel on holidays etc., which I had thought I wouldn't be able to do.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Airnegy Machine and the  TFT Therapy to anyone suffering with a similar condition.

Kind Regards



Testimonial 2: Gillian

Problem: C.O.P.D., Macular Degeneration, Tinnitus.

Introduction: Using TFT (Thought Field Therapy®) I diagnosed that the cause of Gillian's various symptoms were mostly related to the traumatic and totally unexpected loss of her husband while on a holiday in Spain. Gillian reports that four days after his death, she went nearly totally blind. This slowly became better over time, but never back to her original condition. Two years later she was diagnosed with COPD.

The following is a description of how Gillian felt before her TFT/Airnergy therapy started:

Hi Justin,

At this time I feel my breathing getting less than a year ago making me feel rather agitated about my C.O.P.D and my prospects for the future.

I have Tinnitus. I have a lack of energy and my body feels drained....a feeling of Asthma not able to breath when walking out in the cold weather, that’s on level ground and breathless on walking up inclines.

The lung infection I had 2 years ago is still with me causing me to cough on occasions, with a small residue. I have always been a healthy strong person with my cup half full. I have always worked very hard and positive in my life mostly to help others in my alternative health business. Now I feel I have lost me!!!!!!

Approximately 2 months after treatment

Hi Justin,

Thank you for your special treatment and I am happy to answer your questions.

1. Yes I do feel better. It is difficult to describe as the feeling is an over all one since I started on the (TFT) & Airnergy (Therapy) its all been good.

2. Now the C.O.P.D. What I must say is the airnergy machine really is fantastic I do intend to go back to my GP for a test on the sperometor with the  hopes that my breath has increased. Well I have started to sing again I can go out in the very cold which I was not able to as it stopped my breath and I would have to stand and catch my breath....this I no longer have to do .....Also I can walk up hill with much greater ease and do not get out of breath.

3. Most of the time my Tinnitus has subsided ....I do find that I am sensitive to the high pitch hum that a TV emits most people don’t hear it. I would like it to improve some more.

4. I do feel that I have a future now where as before the machine I was feeling very down about myself and my future, in fact very depressed. This has gone.

5.My energy has increased 100%. I feel I have my body back if you understand what I am saying. . .my general movement has become more fluid. The vain in my left leg was very proud swollen itching it has almost disappeared no swelling or itching, feeling great.

6. (After the TFT Thought Field Therapy session) I felt light and that I can now put that terrible time behind me. (Unexpected death of husband) Sometimes I feel that I can take myself back to my terrace that we built and feel and see the great times we had. Now I don’t feel so sad just that it was a life that I had along time ago.......I feel that my lungs are lighter softer and no longer black and feel I can take in more air and deeper into my lungs.

I hope this is what you require I have done my best to put it together I have said just how it is.




Hi Justin,

I am sorry I forgot to include the fact that my eyes are so much better clearer. That is how my whole body is.


Testimonial 3: Christine

Problem: C.O.P.D., (Used Mobility Scooter to get about) Depression.

Introduction: Christine was very low when she came to me. Hardly ever going out. She started with the Airnergy Professional Plus Oxygen Therapy Device, and had TFT sessiones along the way.

December 19, 2013

Dear Justin,

Here is my testimonial.

Before I started with the TFT Therapy, I was exhausted all the time. I was so tired that I slept about 3 hours every afternoon. I could not walk more than 60 meters and those were always an uncomfortable experience. I would feel dizzy and could not walk a straight line, I clutched onto hedges and walls to feel safe. I went everywhere on my mobility scooter. This made shopping a nightmare and using the scooter in winter was very cold going.

Sight-seeing on holiday was so dreadful I only did it to keep my husband company. People do not know you are there and walk right in front of the scooter, after every outing I was a nervous wreck. On a scale of 0 – 10 the quality of my life was about 2.

Now with the (Airnergy) TFT Therapy I can sometimes walk to the local shops and back (almost a mile). I rarely sleep during the day. I went Christmas shopping without my scooter for the first time in many years and though I was tired afterwards I had such a good time I did it again the next week.

I have joined a U3A reading group starting in the New Year, that is how confident I feel.

I have also been able to stop taking Arcoxia for my arthritis and even though It is winter I am ache free.

I feel very happy about the future now and can state that the quality of my life now is a 7 out of 10, with the prospect of further improvement. I would  certainly recommend this treatment to a friend.

Best Regards,


How long will this process take? 

This will vary. A minimum of 3 months with intensive TFT sessions every week, for 4 weeks. However, potentially continuous use of an Oxygen Therapy Device from there on is likely to be beneficial depending upon how you are.

Time & Budgeting

For time & budgeting allow for a 1-month intensive weekly TFT session, then a further 2 months of Oxygen Therapy. But do consider using an Oxygen Therapy Device long term.

The Cost

So typically you will require: 3/4 TFT sessions over a 1 month period. Contact me for the price per TFT session:

The Oxygen Therapy will depend upon the Device required. This will be delivered to you and is likely to be needed for a minimum of 3 months. However I have had clients who have seen immediate benefit. I recommend 2 to 3 months though for COPD, so we can maximise our chance of getting Significant improvement.  



I am so confident of the success of this Therapy that I will offer a Guarantee. This will entitle you to receiving up to 50% of the fees in a refund at any time during your treatment, if you are not delighted by the results that we have achieved together. The success of this Therapy will be clearly evident and therefore not likely to be subject to disagreement. 

This Guarantee is subject to being part of a program incorporating a minimum of 2 TFT sessions, creating the very best chance of success. Please Contact me by email to arrange a call:

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