TFT & Singlet Oxygen Therapy Direct to Your Home

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TFT & Airnergy Therapy - Direct to your Home.

For this combined therapy to be given maximum opportunity to be effective you need to be using the Valkion/Airnergy device every day for a minimum of two months, and for more serious stubborn chronic symptoms one to two months and beyond. Because of this it may be impractical to come to my offices. An appropriate device will be sent to your home by courier, and a TFT session will be booked with you a minimum of two weeks after using it.

If you already have a Device that you have purchased from the UK distributor and you would like to book a TFT session to further enhance its benefits, please do so. Don’t forget what I do can be measured, and so any improvement or change to you will be understood using a methodical analysis system. 

Airnergy Oxygen Therapy in London UK & Abroad

If you would like further information or you have a question you can contact me: Justin by e-mail: or you can contact me by phone on:07787530569

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