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I will only take a client on if I think I will acheive success. This is why I will often offer a Guarantee and also why my Testimonials (When combining TFT & Airnergy together) are growing in number all the time, here are just a few of them:

Information in parentheses are added.

Testimonial 1: Gillian

Stated Symptoms: C.O.P.D. Macular Degeneration, Tinnitus.

Introduction Using TFT (Thought Field Therapy®) I diagnosed that the cause of Gillians various symptoms were mostly related to the traumatic and totally unexpected loss of her husband while on a holiday in Spain. Gillian reports that four days after his death, she went nearly totally blind. This slowly became better over time, but never back to her origional condition. Two years later she was diagnosed with COPD.

The following is a description of how Gillian felt before her TFT/Airnergy therapy started.

Hi Justin,

At this time I feel my breathing getting less than a year ago making me feel rather agitated about my C.O.P.D and my prospects for the future.

I have Tinnitus. I have a lack of energy and my body feels drained....a feeling of Asthma not able to breath when walking out in the cold weather, that’s on level ground and breathless on walking up inclines.

The lung infection I had 2 years ago is still with me causing me to cough on occasions, with a small residue. I have always been a healthy strong person with my cup half full. I have always worked very hard and positive in my life mostly to help others in my alternative health business. Now I feel I have lost me!!!!!!

Approximately 2 months after treatment

Hi Justin,

Thank you for your special treatment and I am happy to answer your questions.

1. Yes I do feel better. It is difficult to describe as the feeling is an over all one since I started on the (TFT) & Airnergy (Therapy) its all been good.

2. Now the C.O.P.D. What I must say is the airnergy machine really is fantastic I do intend to go back to my GP for a test on the sperometor with the  hopes that my breath has increased. Well I have started to sing again I can go out in the very cold which I was not able to as it stopped my breath and I would have to stand and catch my breath....this I no longer have to do .....Also I can walk up hill with much greater ease and do not get out of breath.

3. Most of the time my Tinnitus has subsided ....I do find that I am sensitive to the high pitch hum that a TV emits most people don’t hear it. I would like it to improve some more.

4. I do feel that I have a future now where as before the machine I was feeling very down about myself and my future, in fact very depressed. This has gone.

5.My energy has increased 100%. I feel I have my body back if you understand what I am saying. . .my general movement has become more fluid. The vain in my left leg was very proud swollen itching it has almost disappeared no swelling or itching, feeling great.

6. (After the TFT Thought Field Therapy session) I felt light and that I can now put that terrible time behind me. (Unexpected death of husband) Sometimes I feel that I can take myself back to my terrace that we built and feel and see the great times we had. Now I don’t feel so sad just that it was a life that I had along time ago.......I feel that my lungs are lighter softer and no longer black and feel I can take in more air and deeper into my lungs.

I hope this is what you require I have done my best to put it together I have said just how it is.



Hi Justin,

I am sorry I forgot to include the fact that my eyes are so much better clearer. That is how my whole body is.

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Testimonial 2: Kevin. D

Stated Symptoms: M.E.

Introduction: Kevin contacted me on behalf of his wife. Very concerned about her early M.E Symptoms.

Approx 6 weeks After Therapy:


Sorry for late response, I thought my Wife had responded to this message.

I think as I previously explained Jane had an attack of MS like symptoms August last year resulting a number of consultants suggesting it was indeed the early stages of MS and predicting she would experience a further relapse which would confirm their views and she should start drug treatment.  Something neither of us wanted her to do!

Whilst she has experienced the odd symptom in the main she has fully recovered and is following a broad range of supplements and diet.  She had started back at work but was finding it a strain at times due to fatigue which seemed to align with occasions of high work load (she is an accountant) 

Since using the Device she has said she feels much better generally and her legacy odd symptoms have all but gone. She still gets tired but her recovery is much better and from my perspective she is not so distant and appears much more her old self ( a workaholic!) Consequently I am having difficulty in getting her to do some of this stuff.

Any way I wanted you to get the feed back the device is really helping her to get back to a normal existence!

best regards

Kevin Dixon

Testimonial 3: Jean-Pierre

Stated Symptoms: Clinical Depression/Feeling Dull because of medication.

Introduction: Jean Pierre had been taking medication for Depression for many years before having therapy with me. Happily he is no longer taking medication, and therefore is not suffering from its side effects.

After Therapy

Hi J,

The last session was different from all the others. For a while I thought that it did not work this time. It has only been in the last few weeks that I have seen that, that was not the case.

Zoe and I are getting on great now. I was probably thinking that the help you gave would be a miracle cure. What it has done is help me to view things in a better way. My feelings are still the same, I just manifest my feelings better.

Now this might not make sense to you. I hope it makes no sense to you at all, because if that is the case, we will need to discuss things over coffee.

Speak soon.


Testimonial 4: Melanie

Stated Symptoms: Chronic Anxiety, Sleep disorder.

Introduction: Anxiety is so prevalent today, and it is a really pervasive uncomfortable symptom that can dominate your life if not checked. Not being able to get a good night sleep makes the problem worse.

After therapy

Hi Justin

Many apologies for not writing back sooner with feedback.  This week is IVF week and so has taken precedence over everything.  It is very exciting, nerve-wracking.

After our session I had the best night's sleep, a very peaceful sleep.  On the Saturday I felt a degree of peace that I have not experienced in my life before and I even looked at myself in a much more positive manner and this has lingered on this week, even though my focus is on IVF.

I have been doing the breathing exercises and this is helping me a lot to keep fairly calm.

I definitely feel like I am peeling back layers of myself and I am curious what will come next.

I hope this helps and I really do appreciate the time you give me.  One thing I am interested in doing is finding out for definite what food intolerances I may have. 

I spoke to Marc and he would be up for a session with you as well.  He suffers very badly from dark rings around his eyes, and I am convinced he is eating foods not good for him!

Anyway that all for now, keep your fingers crossed for us, Friday and Tuesday next week are very important days.

Lots of love

Melanie xoxox

Testimonial 5: Melanie

Stated Symptoms: Lack of Motivation

Introduction: Lack of motivation comes hand in hand with so many different issues, that it is often missed as a real symptom, however it is really difficult to be effective in our competitive world if you are being hit by it.

Hi Justin

Thanks for the session on Friday!  The tapping helped me with my motivation and I certainly don't feel low like I did.  I much more positive about our situation and feeling more motivated for work.

Touching on the more deeper stuff has stirred things up I think.  Which I guess is a good thing?  A good word to describe the feeling is "unsettled".  I am doing the breathing exercises and it makes me feel more relaxed.

Hope you had a nice weekend.  Have a good week. xoxo

Testimonial 6: Melanie

Stated Symptoms: Not Sleeping

Introduction: Not sleeping is a nightmare! and is often related to Anxiety and Toxins/food intolerances

After Therapy:

Hi Justin

My head hit the pillow and I fell asleep straight away, something I haven't done in 8 weeks!.  Incredible, I had no anxiety when I got into bed.  However I did wake up after 4 hours (this is very normal) and then it took me a while to fall back to sleep.  Perhaps this is something I can Tap on because I would love to sleep the whole night through.

But I am amazed and am so grateful to you.  I really think Tapping is going to change my life.

Have a good week in Poland and I will practice my Tapping while you are away.

I can't thank you enough.

Lots of love


Testimonial 7: Natalie

Stated Symptoms: O.C.D. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), Depression.

Introduction: O.C.D. is a form of masked anxiety and it is very controlling. It often gets worse over the years if not treated. Eventually controlling your life to the extent that you can’t do anything without overdoing something. When it is so controlling that other people are beginning to notice it it is way past ignoring and needs to dealt with.

After Therapy:

Hi Justin

I am now completely off my medication since our last session. At a guess i think this has been 7-8 weeks.

I have more energy and don't feel so "drugged"

I did have one wobbly moment, which you talked me through for which i am grateful.

Thank you so so much for your help with my OCD and depression.


Hi Justin

My OCD has been much better in the week, since I've seen you. Before I  saw you it was talking up most of my day. I've found the tapping to be of great help with my OCD as my fears have diminished. I am not living in fear anymore. I have stopped the coffee completely and I'm working on increasing my water consumption. Thankyou for yr time in treating my OCD and yr understanding and giving manner. I will keep you updated and will keep tapping.



Testimonial 8: Kyria

Stated Symptoms: Chronic Fatigue/Anger

Introduction: Chronic Fatigue can be quite complex and is very debilitating. After her therapy Kyria reported no symptoms of Chronic Fatigue left, and instead wanted to deal with an underlying problem that seemed to arise from underneath it -  Anger, particularly towords one individual.

Anger of course is a common problem today.  There are a lot of things to be angry about! However, when we are uncontrollably angry, we are mostly angry with ourselves, and making unfair judgements about others.  Obviously this can be a problem and get in the way of our well being and our ability to be happy.

After Therapy:

Hi Justin,

Sorry I haven't got back to you before, it's been on my mind though, honest :-)

I can honestly say the Anger treatment has been amazingly effective; I am now able to deal with "those in question" :-) based on the present rather than the frustration and resentment I used to feel. I can look at any shortcomings they have as just that rather than taking it personally or getting unnecessarily irritated by it. That in itself has made a huge difference to me as I've been working on that for ages without any success.

The unhappiness has definitely faded, I still get a little bit low but in the system that's expected but I am now able to identify negative thought processes and make myself do things, e.g. exercise or just think positively so that I don't spiral out of control. Before I couldn't even be bothered to try and fight the negative thoughts but now I want to and am able to.

The anxiety is better but again in this system it's never going to go away. I haven't used the sheet you gave me yet although I think I should have and will try and remind myself to. I have noticed though that instead of thinking of worst case scenario and going there straight away I am able to think about other options and be much more balanced.

Thank you so much for what you did, You phrased it perfectly when you said I will "still be Kyria but just with less baggage," and that's exactly what it feels like.

Thanks Again!!!


Testimonial 9: This one I particularly like because it’s from my VERY Sceptical Mum!

Stated Symptoms: Dementia/Anxiety

After Therapy:


I have never looked back since your treatment!!!!!!!   All symptoms 

that I had, and that had made the doctor give me all sorts of tests, 

have long since disappeared! It can't be a coincidence. I had 

the TFT book here, and got it out, but cannot now find it which is 

maddening.   I have been giving an awful lot of books to the Charity shop and think it must have got there by mistake. I am looking forward to seeing you both soon,


lots of love mum

Testimonial 10: Yvette

Stated Symptoms: Anxiety/Lack of Confidence

After Therapy

Hi Justin

Thank you very much for my session yesterday.   The outcome has been very interesting.   Today I feel great and fully confident!!!!   What I realised yesterday that I was so busy concentrating on the fluffy mass in my stomach and trying to reduce it I totally missed the point!!!   It was my mind that was controlling my stomach and it is my mind that feels very different today so consequently the butterflies have gone.  

I realised with your comment yesterday about the elderly taking longer which I totally dispute as I really don't think it has anything to do with age.   I know that I cannot make up what I am feeling and only say what is happening at that moment - I know I listen to my body and have learn't to follow it.

Is there anything I can keep doing to stay on top of it?

Hope you have a very interesting weekend.

Love to you both



Hi Justin

You are very diplomatic!!!   I just wanted to tell you I can't believe how I feel since tapping with you.   It is as if all my confidence has come back and I feel normal again!

Have a good tapping weekend.

Love to you both


Testimonial 11: Zaheer

Stated Symptoms: Lack of Confidence

After Therapy

Hi Justin,

Amazing! Not only do I love the immediate result but the procedure was outstanding. It may sound like a magic thing, but believe me it was a good experience. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Standring. 

If you would like to contact anyone of the clients who participated in these Testimonals contact me, and I will try my best to organize it.

For Video Examples go here: Video Examples

TFT Testimonials

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